Experimental Investigation on the Performance of Modified Evaporative Cooler


  • Sumit S. Kalmegh
  • Sumit S. Jamkar
  • Sachin S. Ingole


Cooling on  vaporizing be the most primitive methods used by human being for chilling their residents. Now  it’s been placed on noise footing thermodynamically. It is a method of adiabatic infiltration of air while a squirt of water converted to evaporates interested lacking transfer of heat from or toward surrounding. Despite of some limitations evaporative cooling will produce a condition well within the summer comfort zone. Generally human being feels comfortable when desiccated bulb heat is within 22?C to 25?C and comparative moisture is within 55% - 60%. Modifying the existing evaporative cooler some experimental examination is carried out. Result shows that the DBT is reduced by 13?C; relative humidity maintained in range of comfort zone i.e. 56 % and evaporative cooling efficiency of cooler is improved up to 55% when compared with summer outdoor conditions in Vidarbha (Maharashtra, India) region.