Automation of Collective Opinion and Management of the Resulting Chaos, Examples


  • K. A. Pupkov
  • Ibrahim Fadi
  • Abu-nidzhim R.Kh.Y


The importance of the work presented is that given the rapid development of science, we are in great need of new theories and systems of work, the phenomena surrounding us explain more accurately and objectively and give us a logical and scientific explanation, with some mathematical measurements that enable us to fully understand many things, Newton's laws that have fascinated the world for decades and gave scientific explanation to many of the ideas of the ancients, helped solve millions of problems and equations, and explained many of the phenomena that have occupied the human mind for centuries. Not Enough for our time going beyond them, we find ourselves in the world of relativity of Einstein, Maxwell and Schrodinger equations, obviously, they also describe only part of reality, so it was necessary to make greater efforts to formulate new theories and development of laws to suit the rapid development of our world, over the past years, scientists have sought to develop systems, programming, mathematical modeling, computer science, mechanization, etc., they developed more advanced theories in science, economics, politics, space, and mathematics as the chaos theory etc.