Secured Data Access Control Mechansim for Multiauthority Cloud Storage System


  • Srujana Sirimalla
  • T. Sampath Kumar
  • Sudheer Kumar Komuravelly


Data access control for multi authority cloud storage systems (DAC-MACS) could be a helpful thanks to guarantee information security of the cloud storage system. The 2 main difficult problems with the present cloud storage systems square measure information outsourcing and un trusted cloud servers. The prevailing access management policies can't be applied additional as they either turn out multiple encrypted copies of identical information or it needs a totally trusty cloud server. In DAC-MACS, there exist multiple attribute authorities that have the capabilities to issue its own attributes severally with none help. a replacement in depth information access management theme (NEDAC-MACS) with multiple attribute authorities is employed which can cut back the work of one Attribute Authority (AA). It achieves revocation security by the utilization of file token given. Victimisation this theme, the owner’s information will be accessed by users with the utilization of the distinctive secret key aboard with cipher text token issued by the admin. The uploaded information will be accessed by the users on the owner’s approval. Just in case if the owner uploads some inappropriate content, the users will report or flag to the server that results in the block of the owner by the Certified Authority (CA). when the owner gets blocked when providing access management for the users, the info will be accessed additional with the version key issued by the Attribute Authority and updated by admin as a replacement secret key and transfer the file. A 256-bit isobilateral block cipher Advanced secret writing customary (AES) is employed to boost the protection. AES is Associate in nursing reassuring technique that gives access management of encrypted information and provides safer attribute revocation.