A Secured Data Protection Mechanism for Cloud Storage System


  • D Roopa
  • P Kumaraswamy
  • G Roopa


Now, a day's cloud storage is a successful remedy for easy, permanent and on-demand links to more information exchanged on the internet. The two-factor protection mechanism covers revocability. The sender sends encrypted data via a cloud storage computer to the receiver. It must acknowledge the recipient's identities. The recipient must have 2 items in order to rewrite the cipher text. The main variable is its secret key inside the laptop. Both variables could be a typical private safety unit that links to the computer. The cipher text cannot be rewritten without either part. Furthermore, this unit is removed when the security device is purloined or wasted. No cipher text can be rewritten. This can be achieved by the web computer which can run some software in actual moment to unencrypt the prevalent code message. This technique is perfectly evident for the sender. In addition, at any time the cloud server cannot rewrite any cipher text.