Treatment and Analysis of Industrial Effluent using Phycoremediation Technology


  • T. Murali Krishna
  • V. Sivasubramanian
  • K. Divya
  • J. Christina Shiny
  • S. Kalaivani


In this study an attempt has been made to treat and analyze the industrial effluent with the help of different algae species using phyco - remediation technology and to make treated water available for reuse for gardening, domestic use etc. It also guide us to check whether the pH, COD, BOD and other metals like potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen are reduced to greater extent to make the water harmless for reuse. The effluent sample was collected and initial analysis was carried out for the sample. Screening process was done using test tubes and conical flasks with 10ml and 50 ml effluent respectively. Totally five different algae species chlorella, scenedusmus, chlorella, desmococcus, chrococcus and chlorogloya are incubated for determination of best adaptable species for culture and treatment. In general, all industrial effluents are highly acidic and contain high total dissolved solids. Here initial analysis was carried out on the effluent sample to know its properties and the final treated effluent after phycoremediation was also be analyzed to know the reduction amount of pH, BOD, COD and other metals to make sure that the water is reusable.