Design Various MPPT Controller for Solar PV Water Pumping System


  • Manoj Kumar Sahu
  • Rashmi Rekha Dhal
  • Jagan Mohana Rao Malla
  • Sribatsa Behera


The unavailability of grid connected electricity in remote areas and higher price of the diesel affects the fulfillment basic requirements of electricity. Because without electricity sustain of human life is a challenging assignment. The non-conventional solar PV technology can fulfill the demand of electricity, which can be used both electrification and water pumping system for both community drinking water and irrigation system. Based upon the solar PV technology, this paper presents various maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller and compares with various parameters. Solar PV water pumping system is discussed in this paper and compares the results with and without using MPPT controller. This paper primarily represents the simulation model for solar pumping system. Comparing the controller under non-uniform irradiation is done. Water level with and without MPPT controller are analyzed in this paper. Result of optimum design of controller is presented along with various irradiance.