Effect of Augmented Reality Advertisements on Purchase Intention of Cosmetic Products


  • Jha Suchita
  • Joshi Sujata


Originality/Research need:

Digital transformation is the key for the success of any business today. The marketing function cannot be an exception and we see the adoption of new digital trends in the integrated marketing communication space.  Augmented reality (AR) is one such technology which permits the advancement of data in real time by including virtual PC created digital data.  This gives marketers a choice for connecting and engaging with consumers at their convenience since augmented reality gives better flexibility and experience in the hand of consumer, makes it fascinating and also enhances brand engagement. Limited research has been done in the area of augmented reality advertising for cosmetic products and if it can enhance the consumers purchase intention influence product information or attitude towards brand (Tetra Pak International S.A., 2016).

Objective of the study: Hence the objective of this study is to determine the impact of Augmented Reality based advertisements on consumer purchase intention for purchasing cosmetic products.

Methodology: The researcher has used mixed research methodology for this study. Experimental research was used wherein the augmented reality based advertisements with respect to Cosmetic products have been shown to the consumers in the experimental group. A structured questionnaire was then circulated to the experimental group in order to gather their opinion and was the source of primary data for the analysis.  Data analysis was done using statistical methods.

Implications of the study:  The study will prove helpful to academicians, managers and technology manufacturing companies by providing insights into the impact of Augmented Reality based applications for advertising or marketing communication purpose.