Gases Emissions of Sewage Sludge Brick


  • Nurul Salhana Abdul Salim
  • Aeslina Abdul Kadir


Disposal of sewage sludge is the crucial issues nowadays as the production of sewage sludge waste increased. By incorporated the sewage sludge into fired clay bricks expected to become an alternatives method in disposing the sludge waste. However, the firing process of bricks emits pollutant that becomes threat to environmental as well as human health. Therefore, the investigation of releases the pollutant gases during firing process of manufactured brick that incorporated of sewage sludge was conducted in this research. The bricks were incorporated with 0% and 5% of two type of sewage sludge and was fired at 1050ºC and heating rates 1ºC/min. The characterization of composition for the sewage sludge and clay soil was determined by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing. The parameters of gases emissions which are carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NO) and sulphur oxide (SO2) were measured during the bricks firing process. The result indicates that by incorporation of 5% of sewage sludge into fired clay bricks was comply with the standard requirement for building material usage without the negative effect to the environment.