Work Life Balance of Women Employees in Commercial Banks with Special Reference to Kumbakonam Town


  • Dr. S. Ezhilraji


The reading was undertaken to learn labor living equilibrium of commercial bank women employees in Kumbakonam town.  For this purpose the study selected 27 banks and from each bank 3 women employees were chosen as sample of the study.  The major purpose of this learn is, therefore, to study the Working environment of the commercial banks in Kumbakonam Town, to study labor living equilibrium policies adopted  by the commercial banks in kumbakonam Town and to assess leaves and permissions available to the respondents to maintain  their labor living equilibrium.  The reading concludes that the respondents were felt well about suitability of job, the respondents also felt well about special leaves for women employees at office such as maternity leaves. They were not agreed about work load at office, they also felt that there were differences in maintaining labor living equilibrium according to cadre of employees; they were not agreed upon special leaves and permission for women.