Time Management and Relationship between Academic Performance scum Stress Level of postgraduate College Students: With Special Reference to Kanchipuram District


  • Dr. D. Kesavan
  • Dr. V. Vetrivel
  • Dr. K. Malarvizhi


Academic performance of the students is highly questionable. Stress refers to the availability of any distracting element in an environment. This “Environment” may refer to an Organization, Industry or any other Work Place depending upon the study undertaken. The present study is undertaken with an aim to study about Time Management and its relevance to Stress, Gender and Academic Achievement among the sample MBA Students, with special reference to KANCHIPURAM region. Recent studies have stated that the students, especially MBA students face the problem of improper time management and as a result they are faced with a varied amount of Stress. Many factors such as Mixture of students (students with various UG background opt for MBA), Attitude of students, Socio Economic Factors, etc constitute to stress. Apart from the problem of facing stress improper time management also pose a challenge to the Academic Achievements of the Students. This study would deal in detail about the various above said issues and as a result measures would be suggested to overcome the problem of improper time management.