Intrapreneurship - The Emerging Paradigm to Innovation and Sustainability in an Emerging Economy


  • Ms. Sanjeela Mathur


Liberalization  and globalization of trade across the globe has ushered in an era of free flow   of  goods,   services   and   knowledge.   Transfer   of  technology  and   scientific innovations  have  opened  new  opportunities  in  market  place  and  consumers  are spoiled  today  for  choice.   Undoubtedly,  the  advancements  in  telecommunications  , internet    and  information  technology  have  all  contributed  to  this  rapid  stride  in business environment across the world.   This generates competition amongst players in the market, thereby necessitating the need for continuous improvement to provide superior  satisfaction  to  consumers.  On  one  hand,  while  this  is  highly  desirable situation  for  any  economy,  but  on  the  other  hand,  it  puts  pressure  on  firms  for productivity  ,  performance  and  seek  adequate  returns  on  investment.  Firms  are increasingly using resources at a rapid rate for optimization and in the process making it difficult to be sustainable.

In view  of such challenges,  government  and  economies  have  continued  to   develop and focus in the realm of knowledge and intellectual capital building. Innovation , is the new yardstick for development and growth. Optimization of knowledge workers, ventures  and  assets  have  occupied  a  central  position  in  the  due  process.  This  new environment brings a new concept of ‘ownership’ within the organization and which is  very  aptly  termed  as  ‘Corporate   Entrepreneurship’  .  This  phenomenon  brings  a synergy  between  individual  aspirations  and  corporate  goals.  It  helps  synthesize  the knowledge and creativity to be channelized with the imperative need of corporate for continuous    innovation.  It  creates  opportunities  for  new  paradigms    of  business models which help to develop value and gain access to new markets world-wide.   A strategic investment into people, technology and R&D boosts the cycle and vibrancy of economic  development  and  corporate  growth  simultaneously.  Encouragement of entrepreneurship and  knowledge  management  within the  organization helps  foster a culture  of innovation  and  knowledge  but  which  can  only  be  made  sustainable  with rethinking on part of these corporate to retain this talent and knowledge capital within the organization in a strategic  manner which can be  mutually as well as exclusively beneficial to both . This paper will try

to examine the innovative mechanisms that can be  employed  by  corporate  for  fostering  a  conducive  entrepreneurial  culture  within their organizations for continuous innovation and improvement.