Virtual Telepresence Surveillance Vehicle


  • Paramjit Shankarprasad
  • Riya Mohan
  • Rushibha Adlak
  • Poorvi K. Joshi


Telepresence systems are playing an important role in various fields which impacts our day to day task and working.  It finds applications in the fields of education, health sector, business, meetings and conferences. The major advantage of telepresence system is that it eliminates the time dependent factor distance for the real world so that   interaction with each other is possible instantly. With the transition in innovation in the field of technology due to growth of AI, ML and fast growth in the field of robotics, enough opportunities are available to explore the field of Robotics. These technologies are enhancing the capabilities of humans as well as robots. As the components involved are complex and needs to deal with complicated physics it is important to understand the phenomena within the actions that a robot makes.  The paper discusses classification of telepresence robots developed. Information from some prominent literature regarding various robots based on different technologies is summarized. This paper also describes how to design a virtual telepresence surveillance vehicle using Raspberry Pi and the incorporation of sensors in the vehicle.