An Improved Heuristic Approach towards Plant Layout Optimization


  • Prof. Sachin S. Pund
  • Dr. D. R. Zanwar


An improved heuristic approach is planned and experimented for plant layout optimization. One of the alternatives to find out optimum solution in the area of plant layout could be achieved by trying different shapes and arrangement in plant layout location. The various shapes and sizes and its analysis is discussed in the paper. The idea of this alternative of placing departments in other than rectangular shapes are experimented and analyzed. It is not discussed in such logic before. It is novel idea which is being incorporated and set up a new scope for the researchers to look for this dimension of incorporation in optimization of plant layout. Traditional approach of plant layout optimization considers rectangular shapes.  In this paper the emphasis is given to hexagonal shape instead of rectangular. Heuristic approach is experimented Honeycomb way. We know that a Hexagon has six sides and it can accommodate six departments near it.