Analysis of Linguistic Features and Speech Acts in Report Card Comments


  • Heherson Castro Tolentino


This study examined the linguistic features of selected report card comments written by teacher-advisers of Philippine Science High School- Cagayan Valley Campus. Specifically, this is an inquiry as to how comments on report cards are written with emphasis on the prevailing sentence structures, use of pronouns, and mechanics which include punctuations, spelling, capitalization and grammar. This study utilized both quantitative and qualitative data to describe and analyze the present state of writing comments on report cards. Findings of this research revealed that most comments were written using compound sentence structure. Combined structures were also evident and use of fragment was observed as well. In terms of the use of pronoun majority were written in the second person point of view with notable undefined perspective. For errors in grammar, notable was the use of prepositions and pronoun-antecedent agreement. In terms of punctuations, the incorrect use of commas was the most rampant. Apparently, the written comments were compliant in terms of spelling. As report cards are given to parents, comments should be counter-checked by other school authorities, and they should consider giving orientation and write-shop to faculty-advisers. Because there were varied writing styles on report card comments, list of acceptable comments should be compiled to facilitate the giving of feedback and comments of students’ performance in school.