Current Status of Copyright Recognition of Korean Teachers


  • Chulhyun Lee


Recently, due to the development of ICT, the use of copyrighted works has increased and the copyright issue in schools has emerged. The purpose of this study is to prepare basic materials for setting the direction of copyright education for teachers by examining how Korean teachers have knowledge, attitudes and practical perceptions of copyright. For this purpose, we developed a questionnaire tool to investigate teacher's copyright recognition through literature research, FGI, and expert review. The results of the study are as follows. First, teachers' copyright recognition level was highest in affective domain, followed by psycomotor domain and lowest in cognitive domain. Second, as a result of the overall analysis of the level of copyright recognition according to the gender of the teacher, both male and female teachers showed positive recognition, and the male teachers showed higher recognition levels. Third, as a result of analyzing the copyright recognition level according to the teacher's copyright training experience, all of them showed higher than normal recognition level regardless of the training experience, but the recognition of the teachers with training experience was more positive.