A Study on impact and Acceptance of Implementation of Digital India app based Payments Schemes


  • Nithesh Naik
  • Dasharathraj K Shetty
  • Maitri Manjunath
  • Sushmitha Pai
  • Sidharth ‎


India is one of the growing economies which has a potential to out-develop other countries. The adoption of digital schemes in banking services will reduce the overall efforts thus, reducing the amount of time for making banking and financial transactions, exponentially. To tap into this potential, Digital India is a major step towards achieving this goal. The effective implementation and creating awareness is the key and basic requirement for the success of the digital India initiative. The project focuses on the perception of the residents of Udupi District, Karnataka, India towards the usage of Digital Payment Apps/Methods. The district being known for the intellectual population of the Karnataka State. The opinions a sample group was collected to determine the enablers and barriers of using Digital Payment Apps. India is a vast country with 68% of its population living the rural regions the implementation of reforms take considerable time and efforts to have a reasonable impact. As the rural population being more conservative it becomes a challenge for the implementation rate. The study involves identification and evaluation of the crucial factors which affected usage. These factors, ranging from gender to age to employment status, etc. were then used as a basis for formulating a set of questions and the responses obtained of the subjects were recorded and analyses for further insight on the impact of these apps or methods on the day-to-day life of a resident of Udupi, Karnataka, India. A trend can be observed in the increase in usage of digital payment apps in India and after demonetization