The Impact of Internal Marketing on Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction with the Mediating Role of Service Quality: A Vietnamese Bank Case


  • Nguyen Viet Lam
  • Nguyen Ngoc Quang
  • Nguyen Thai Ha
  • Nguyen Thu Lan


The service-profit chain model has been used as the background for analysing the relationship between internal marketing, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and service quality in this research. The purpose is to investigate the role of internal marketing towards employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and service quality in the context of Vietnamese commercial banks. Also, the study will identify the mediating role of service quality in the impact of internal marketing run inside Vietnamese commercial banks on customer satisfaction. The study used the quantitative survey method. The research selected a dyad sample of each pair of employees - customer using banking services from 10 out of 38 Vietnamese commercial banks in Hanoi. Findings show that internal marketing influences directly and positively both employee satisfaction and service quality. The main findings indicated service quality mediates both two relationships: (1) internal marketing and customer satisfaction and (2) employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. As the result, the managerial implication for Vietnamese commercial banks is to invest effectively in internal marketing activities which will be designed toward the better service quality for their target customers.