Smart Application Possibilities in Supply chain Management: The Role of IoT


  • M. Krithika
  • Jainab Zareena


Research topicality established on the assertion that the modern economy is changing rapidly in line with consumer needs and technological advances: information technology, robotics, Internet technologies, business automation, AR and VR technologies, etc. Such words are called Digital Economy and 5.0 Industry. This provides a massive amount of supply chain management (SCM) requirements by increasing service level and delivery time demands of customers. In this regard, this article aims to expose the importance of IT in the logistics sector. That was noticed in the 1970s as an information and data rate becomes a competitive advantage. Smart systems have since developed profoundly and are now transforming a business and supply chain paradigm. The leading approach to addressing this issue is the integration of the different studies and analyzes in practice, which allows a thorough review of the current information technologies in SCM. The article presents the SCM industry's challenges, the SCM concept of the Internet of Things revealed, and it finds that IoT-based SCM is a bridge component between IoT and Industrial IoT customers for SCM.