Mapping and Assessment of MSMEs as Capacity Business Enhancement


  • Karsinah ‎
  • Prasetyo Ari Bowo
  • Azhana Othman
  • Phany Inneke Putri


Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are known to be resilient towards crisis. These enterprises are also as the main actors in the scenario of the Asean Economic Community (AEC). AEC has started in 2015, but unfortunately, it is observed that the MSMEs in Semarang Municipality have not maximized their potential to become the major players to compete in the AEC scenario. Therefore, this research aims to (1) describe the performance of MSMEs in Semarang Municipality district (2) map MSMEs development potential in Semarang Municipality district (3) conduct a "Need Assessment" analysis on the MSMEs so as to improve competitiveness through quality improvement program and business capacity enhancement of MSMEs in the Semarang Municipality district.

This research was conducted using survey and descriptive methods. Data collection technique and need assessment were done using Focus Group Discussion (FGD) method and improved using in-depth interviews. The analysis technique used in this research combined qualitative and quantitative analysis (mix method).

The research results concluded that (1) there were six types of MSMEs in the Semarang Municipality district, and the most common type of MSMEs was based on processed food and handy-craft products (2) the majority of MSMEs were located in the Genuk sub-district (3) MSMEs in the Semarang Municipality district generally did not have administrative and financial accounting aspects, and that the type of production equipment and packaging techniques were relatively simple. It was also found that the marketing techniques used by the majority of MSMEs in the Semarang Municipality district were still quite conventional. From the need assessment conducted, it could be suggested that some efforts to improve the performance of the MSMEs should be done immediately through bookkeeping and marketing training, application of appropriate technology and provisions of business assistances. These efforts are expected to increase the MSMEs’ performance in the Semarang Municipality.