Analysis of Influencing Parameters on CI Engine Performance Fuelled by Waste Plastic Oil and Ethanol Blends Using Taguchi Method


  • Padmanabhan S
  • Prabhakaran S
  • Balan K N


Waste plastics take more than four hundred years to degrade and it is not biodegradable. Only less than 10% are mechanically reprocessed and around 12% are destroyable and remaining 75% occupy the land and oceans. One of the methods of disposal is to utilize its energy by converting into fuel. The enable energy to be derived from the disposal used plastics by the catalytic pyrolysis. In this paper, plastic oil performance has been examined on a single-cylinder diesel engine. The influencing parameters like engine load, injection pressure, plastic oil and ethanol blend ratio are optimized and identified by the Taguchi method. The L9 orthogonal array was created with the incremental ratio of Waste Plastic oil (WPO) was blended with the ratio of ethanol. Taguchi method was analysed with engine efficiency, fuel consumption and emission characteristics through S/N ratio.