Analysis of Exhaust Gas Behavior for Small Scale Solid Propellant Motors (Static Test) using Gaussian Plume Dispersion


  • V. Kurinji
  • R. Rajkumar
  • S. Prabhakaran
  • K. Umanath
  • D. S. Balaji


Static testing of solid motors can affect the environment (human being, flora, and fauna) due to the toxic effects of the exhaust gases, acid rain occurrence. During static test of solid propellant motors, large amounts of exhaust gases containing toxic by-products like Al2O3, HCl, CO, etc., are released into the atmosphere. These exhaust gases rise to atmospheric stabilization heights, and then start dispersing and diffusing through air. Upon reading the ground concentration levels of the toxic byproducts will present a risk to humans and also to the environment. This paper brings out the experimental study methodology for measuring the concentration of the exhaust gases namely hydrogen chloride and aluminium oxide particles at various downwind distances from the test bed. Dispersion model helps to validate the theoretical calculations as well as to assess the impact of exhaust gas pollutants. It also helps to take necessary precaution to ensure that minimum adverse effects are caused to the human beings for the future static tests.