Do Muslim Aware on WAQF?


  • Selamah Maamor
  • Hasyeilla Binti Abd Mutalib


There several factors that driving unawareness of Waqf contribution which are less marketing promotion, lack of knowledge and low social culture spirit. Waqf is part of our good deeds for the sake of Allah s.w.t blessing. Muslim in Malaysia has their own perception on Waqf activity which is far from the exact role. Due to the lack of knowledge, they cannot properly evaluate and make a good decision in investing their properties for Waqf. Therefore, this article contributes to the find the level of awareness towards waqf and factors that influence Muslim awareness on waqf, a case study in Selangor based on empirical result. This study is an empirical study using questionnaire distributed to 190 respondents which are staying in Selangor. The questionnaire that has been distributed is divided into 3 categories which are respondent’s background, awareness towards waqf and the factors influence their awareness. The data collected analyzed using descriptive and Multiple Regression analysis. The finding shows that the level of awareness towards waqf among Muslim in Selangor is not really high. The factors that influence the level of awareness positively are promotion, promotion method, intention, and convenience. However, this finding is expected as well because waqf is not popular since most of the people thinks type of waqf is only waqf property, while the cash waqf still new in Malaysia. Therefore, we have to do something to ensure that the level of awareness towards waqf will be increased. The promotion method also needs to be parallel to ensure that the information reached them especially Muslim towards waqf. While, good intention will later influence higher awareness towards waqf. Therefore, this important information related to waqf has to be highlighted at primary and secondary school level. Therefore, in term of convenience also have been very important factors to influence waqf awareness. The more the convenience procedure the higher the awareness towards waqf will be and higher waqf properties or fund can be gathered.