Predicting Missing Items in Shopping Carts using Machine Learning


  • I. Vinay Kumar Reddy
  • R. Senthil Kumar


With the fast growth of e-commerce, large number of products is sold online, and a lot more people are purchasing products online.  Users who are purchasing products online depict a similar kind of purchasing pattern. And these patterns are being repeated for very next transaction by those users. So we are analyzing the pattern of these peoples on the basis of their previous transactional data and we are trying to predict the product for respective customer in their next transaction. Analyzing the patterns will help grocery stores to maintain their stock as well as to notify the customer about the offers of the product which he tends to buy for his next purchase. And we will also analyze the rush hours and happening days of the customers so this will helps the respective grocery store websites to maintain their server traffic. In this project we are collecting purchased transactional data of users from INSTACART, which is a grocery ordering and delivery application.