Rule-Based Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Medical Higher Cognitive Process


  • K. S. S. Preetham
  • D. Shiny Irene


Therapeutic deciding is regularly thought to be a procedure, joining each explanatory mental component and instinct. It includes thinking inside cutting edge causative models of different thoughts, once in a while spoke to by uncertain, imprecise, and/or in complete information. Aiming to model medical decision making, we propose an ovel approach bolstered mental component maps and Intuitionistic scientific rationale. The new model, known as Intuitionistic fluffy mental element map (iFCM), broadens the predominant fluffy mental component map (FCM) by thinking about the master's aversion inside the assurance of the causative relations between the thoughts of a site. Besides, a modification inside the detailing of the new model makes it even less touchy than the underlying model to missing PC document. To approve its viability, AN iFCM with thirty four thoughts speaking to fluffy, lingually communicated patient-specific data, side effects, and multimodal estimations was made for respiratory issue seriousness evaluation. The outcomes acquired uncover its similar preferred position over the individual FCM model by furnishing determinations that match higher with those made by the specialists.