Design and Analysis of PSS and SVC Controller using Crossover GSA Approach


  • Channu Lal
  • K. Balachander


Power System Stabilizer (PSS) and Static Var Compensator (SVC) basically use as an additional controller to damp out the under frequency oscillation in real power system network. The tuning of PS Stabilizer and SVC for a non-linear power system have to be liberal with the ultimate objective that general power system strength can be bettered. In the cutting edge period different populaces based heuristic calculations are accessible to screen out the strength issue in the electric power system. This report presents another heuristic advancement method named as Particle Swarm Optimization adjusted Gravitational Search Algorithm (crossover PSO-GSA) to tuning the PSS and SVC parameters for a multi-machine power system for various working conditions. The recommended strategy is hearty and greatly effective as contrasted and its related heuristic system, for example, the Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA). This calculation is connected to two areas of the machine system for little and huge unsettling influences. From the outcomes, it is seen that the proposed methodology concentrates more on improving the lively security of the power system, especially while system working conditions changes.