Sustainable Firm Value and Financial Performance – A Study on the Indian Automobile Industry


  • Stella Mary
  • Kavita Mathad


Value is of great importance and as the word indicates it relates to the process of covering all aspects of business which enhances and influences the growth of a business. Any business which has more value enhances its market value. A study was conducted in the Indian automobile industry to analyze the interrelationships between financial performance and firm value. Regression analysis is one of the great tools for establishing and studying relationship between two or more variables. The sample consist of 15 companies representing the Indian automobile industry and the data is taken from Nifty auto index.  Data was collected from published annual reports of automobile companies listed under Nifty Auto for the period 2009 to 2018. The findings of this study illustrate that firms with better financial performance has much market values and firms should focus on enhancing their financial performance.