Smart Parking Management System in Malaysia


  • Munaisyah Abdullah
  • Muhammad Izzat Bin Abdul Razak
  • Abbas Bin Jamibollah


An efficient parking system is one of the features of a smart city. One of the problems faced by drivers around the world is a bad experience to park their vehicle, especially when related to time constraints. A traditional parking reservation system needs human interaction. However, the increases in car usage over the years make it challenging to implement the parking reservation manually. This forces the innovation to develop a system that can automatically identify a specific car for specific parking space through their vehicle registration number. However, the number of online parking reservation system in Malaysia is very minimal and still need to be carefully studied. Numerous studies and project conducted for an online parking reservation system are focused on the reservation process without giving the attention of ways to secure the reserved parking spot. Thus, in this project, a Smart Parking Management System is proposed to give a better experience to the driver in their quest to park their vehicle. The outcome of this project is a mobile application that allows the driver to make a reservation of a specific parking space and provide grant access by using plate number recognition based on the vehicle information that has been registered in the system for a specified duration. The system will improve the overall quality of services given by the organization that providesparking services.