The Success of Accounting Information Systems Observed from Individual and Organizational Factors


  • Rapina ​
  • Yenni Carolina
  • Santy Setiawan
  • Currye Maria
  • Mita Puspita


Personality traits and organizational structure are a concept that is quite popular and complex. Both of these conceptscan be identified as factors that can succeed or failed the goals of applying accounting information systems to obtain accounting information. In Indonesia, there are still many difficulties faced in integrating accounting information systems. The purpose of this study is to determine, test and analyze the effect of personality traits and organizational structure on the success of accounting information systems. This research was conducted to 43 accounting staff at the Save the Children Foundation in Indonesia. Data testing chosen is multiple linear regression analysis using SPSS statistics. The results of statistical tests related to personality traits are not significant in affecting the success of accounting information systems. Meanwhile, the organizational structure affects the success of the accounting information system.