An End-To-End Model for Sensor Node Localization, Routing and Security in Wireless Sensor Networks


  • Masthan Ali A. H
  • Ali Ahammed G.F
  • Reshman Banu


The wireless sensor networks play important role in various real-time application such as surveillance and environment monitoring. These networks have limited storage and power capacity to collect, process and transmit the data from source to destination node. During this process, the energy consumption increases which reduces the network lifetime. Moreover, accurate data collection by knowing the position of sensor node and securing the data during transmission are also considered as a crucial challenge.In this work, we focus on these issues of sensor node localization, energy aware routing and data security. We present a combined model which uses RSSI based model for localization, genetic algorithm for energy aware cluster head selection and routing to improve the network lifetime. Moreover, we incorporate SHA-256 model for hashing, AES algorithm for data encryption and Diffie-Hellman key exchange model. The performance of proposed approach is carried out in terms of localization error, alive nodes and residual energy.