Spotting the Errors Acquisition in Second Language Learning


  • D. Suruthi


In Indian schools and colleges also continue to teach English as a second language. To learn any language four fold skills are needed like  listening, speaking, reading and writing (known as LSRW).  In mastering English, all the languages skills (LSRW) must be applied and integrated.             When students learn to write in a second language, they often meet great challenges at all stages. Students need a good knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar rules to produce good essays in English.  When students write essays in English, most of them are translate the words and sentences from their mother tongue to English which results in wrong sentence structures.  Due to the lack of grammatical knowledge, students are prone to make errors.  They find it difficult to write essays free of errors of various types.  They often make spelling errors, errors in tenses like subject-verb agreement and prepositions.  The paper focus the common errors in LSRW.