The Relationship of Emotional Quotients of UNIKL TEKNOPUTRA Alumni entrepreneur on Business Performance


  • Nazatul Shima Abdul Rani
  • Haniza Ahmad
  • Zulkifli Saidun


There are numerous studies conducted to evaluate factors or dimensions that contribute to the business performance such as knowledge, skills, products, services, financial supports, human resources, and other factors or dimensions. Thus, this study is conducted to measure the relationship between entrepreneur EQ with business performance. The respondents of the study are the UniKL Teknoputra Alumni who are business owners. About 800 questionnaires e-mailed, only 340 responded, and about 333 usable for the analysis.  Most of the respondents are male, single, with Bachelor Degree, Malay, and have been in business for less than 10 years. The findings show that there a positive and significant relationship between EQ and business performance, all dimensions have direct influence towards business performance. The strongest relationship are empathy (r=0.460**; p=0.000) followed by social skills (r=0.454**; p=0.000), self-awareness (r=0.434**; p=0.000), self-motivation (r=0.431**; p=0.000), and self-regulation (r=0.424**;p=0.000). Thus, the higher the empathy among the UniKL TEKNOPUTRA Alumni business owners or entrepreneurs the higher their business performance.