Design and Implementation of a Low Cost, High Speed, High quality Talking Keyboard for Blind Students


  • K. V. B. Chandrasekhar Rao
  • Yamani. Kotipalli


Every day the world is fetching new technologies in the field of Electronics Engineering. But the disabled people, such as blind People are facing many problems while learning and typing their work using computers and  they are seeking help from other people to do their work in computer. This work is proposed to help the blind people to do their work by themselves. A low-cost talking keyboard is designed using 8051 microcontroller family IC 89S516rd2 which has 64k program memory. Pre recorded audio samples for all the keys in the keyboard are stored in microcontroller. It uses only 60kb space in the program memory of Microcontroller. When a key is pressed the digital samples of the corresponding key are converted into analog signals using DAC. In order to achieve quality in audio signals, proper filtering is done for the respective key signal and the voice  can be heard in speakers. As this project is a low cost, simple and easy to carry, it will be very much helpful for the blind people as well as the people who are interested to learn typing.