Digital Clock in Regional Language


  • Atul Oak
  • Mohit Gujar
  • Sanjay Singh Thakur


Our country India speaks many different languages. Many Indians speak languages like Indo-European (74%), the Dravidian (24%), the Austro-Asiatic (Munda) (1.2%), or the Tibeto-Burman (0.6%) families. The Indian Constitution’s schedule eight also defines 22 different languages. Indians always prefer to talk regional native language for day today communications. Indian Government also has a plan to include different native languages for official use like a display system at public places for sharing the information with common people. Much of this information is in the form of numbers like flight number at the airport. At many public places like airports and rail way stations, time plays an important role since most of their schedules are based on time. Our project is based on the design of a digital clock to display real time in the native regional language like Marathi language for native regional display applications. This design is simple, cost effective and user friendly and displays digital time in natural language.