D2d Communication Security Lightweight Cryptographic Approach: Critical Survey


  • Ajith Kumar V
  • K Satyanarayan Reddy


Outgrowth of wireless mobile communication lead to new revolution. Smart phones are making inroads into socio-economic realms. Today we use smart phones almost like a personal computer. Some important milestones have been witnessed, such as number of fixed line Telephone connection has been surpassed by number of mobile phone connection, Number of connected/IP enabled devices in home surpassed more than one per person. In nutshell, people are living in a connected world, trying to connect unconnected things. Devices are becoming intelligent, smart and connected. Need for Device to Device communication is growing every day. D2D communication is becoming popular in health care, disaster or emergency services, power grid and lot many. Security cannot be undermined as D2D communication is becoming pivotal and impacting larger part of our life. In this paper our focus is on security challenges in D2D communication and explore remediation with lightweight cryptography. In this paper an effort has been made to study various techniques for securing D2D communication. This paper focuses on securing D2D communication using lightweight cryptography algorithms.