Automated Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine


  • P. Marish Kumar
  • K. A. Indu Sailaja
  • J. Lydia
  • D. Suganya


Plastic is a non-biodegradable waste. It is noted that, around 60 to 90 per cent of waste generated is due to plastic debris. Plastic usage has become rampant in industries across the world as it is the most common and adaptable material for manufacturing and packaging their products. They have become an integral part of our lives that they cannot be easily replaced. This paper aims at recycling plastic bottles into a useful product. It involves the process of crushing, melting and moulding of used plastic bottles. The status of the process is displayed simultaneously on a LCD display. They are then crushed and melted at high temperatures. The molten plastic is eventually moulded into usable product. The recycling thus reduces the amount of trash generated due to the disposal of used water bottles if installed at public places. The process avoids the reuse of plastic water bottles beyond their shelf life. Thus, this paper is aimed at reducing the volume of waste generated and will aid in effective waste management. This machine has both social and economic value. Economically, it minimizes all expenditure for waste processing. Another important contribution is the impact on employment creation in rural areas. Socially, it improves environmental conditions like reducing landfill waste, preventing spreading of diseases due to plastic recycling, eliminating contamination due to plastics etc. Thus, this paper is a promising environment friendly solution for reducing pollution caused due to plastics.