Identifying Dimensions Effect of E-WOM on Consumer Preference while using Tourism Mobile Apps


  • M. Uma Devi
  • Suneel Sankala


Word of mouth (WOM) is a contact between customers about a specific product, service or business in which the origins are perceived to be independent of market control. Research shows that word of mouth plays an increasingly important role in shaping customer perceptions and purchasing behaviour. Electronic word of mouth (e-WOM) has been an important topic for business and marketing researchers in that online social communications. Recent studies have looked at the effect of Internet-based e-WOM on company performance, the global user culture, and how the WOM engagement mechanism affects customer preferences and actions in the online environment. This research was aimed to identify the theoretical arguments and hypotheses about the interrelationships between e-WOM (Electronic Word of Mouth) and consumer preference based on tourism mobile apps towards travel intentions. Researchers come up with a objective of to find out dimensions of consumer preference regarding usage of tourism mobile apps, & to determine the effect of e-WOM on consumer preference while using tourism apps. To attain these objectives, researcher used two diverse tools, i.e., SPSS & Structural equation model to test the anticipated hypothesized model.