Sentiment Analysis of Amazon Product Reviews using Machine Learning


  • K. Ashok Kumar
  • C. Jagadeesh
  • Pravin Kshirsagar
  • Swagat. M. Marve


The web could be a giant virtual house whereby to precise and share individual evaluations, influencing something of life, with implications for advertising and voice communication alike. Social media area unit influencing clients’ potentialities by the approach of shaping their attitudes and behaviors. Chase the social media activities could be a great way to live customers’ loyalty, retentive a tune on their sentiment towards brands or merchandise. Social media area unit the subsequent logical advertising space. Currently, Facebook dominates the virtual advertising and promoting space, followed fastidiously by twitter.  this paper describes a sentiment analysis examine finished on over one thousand FB posts concerning newscasts, examination the sentiment for rai - the Italian public broadcasting service - toward the rising and a lot of dynamic private organization la7. this incorporates a investigate maps investigate results with observations created by approach of the Observatories di Pavia, that is associate degree Italian institute of analysis specialized in media analysis at the theoretical and empirical level, engaged within the analysis of political voice communication within the mass media. this examine takes to boot under consideration the statistics provided through audited regarding news audience, correlating the analysis of social media, of Facebook particularly, with measurable facts, accessible to the general public domain. We tend to used supervised gaining information of technique on an oversized scale amazon dataset to polarize it and obtain fine accuracy.