Modeling and Strategy of Marketing Antecedent to Enhance Consumer Loyality on Batik Cloth


  • Feby Febrian
  • Granit Agustina
  • Rakhmia Nalibratawati
  • R Dewi Pertiwi
  • Sri Endah Nurhayati


Research Objectives to evaluate the relationship of consumer loyalty with product quality, price, distribution and promotion, Customer loyalty is a determining factor in the sustainability of batik cloth product marketing.

Design / methodology / approach – using descriptive and verification methods. The design uses consumer report data from the objective test results of 100 consumers from 4,500 populations. Measured responses include product quality, price, distribution and promotion. Modeling and analysis of measured data is carried out by path analysis to estimate customer loyalty.

Finding - marketing models and strategies are important factors in influencing the loyalty of consumers of Batik cloth.

Research limitations / implications - understanding patterns that lead to antecedent marketing strategy models.

Practical implications - a marketing strategy model with loyalty. This model is a way to understand and explain antecedent marketing strategies towards increasing consumer loyalty in batik cloth.

Originality / value development  of the antecedent marketing strategy model to increase consumer loyalty.

Conclusion showed that all four variables had a significant influence in the amount of 0.366 for product quality, 0.147 for price, 0.104 for distribution and 0.456 for promotion.