Gateway Based Inter Cluster Flooding Scheme (GICFS) for Effective Data Transmission in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


  • S. Mahima
  • N. Rajendran


In Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET), mobile nodes could interact with one another without any kind of architecture. Dynamic topology is the fundamental feature of MANET. Because of this behaviour in MANET, topology of network modifies periodically which results in the failure of efficient routes. Hence, process of identifying proper routes leads a evident failure in the entire network. In order to find a novel authentic path for the marked mobile node, proactive routing protocols utilizes ordinary telecast model known to be simple flooding. This model broadcasts route request (RREQ) packets from source to remaining nodes present in mobile network. Therefore, the demerit available is unequal recurring retransmission of RREQ packet that leads to greater contention on accessible channel as well as packet collision since higher traffic in the network. This paper introduces a Gateway based inter cluster flooding scheme (GICFS) for effective data transmission in MANET. GICFS techniques has the benefit of obtaining routing data only if routes are required. Besides, gateways only rebroadcast a packets from one gateway node (GN) to others to reduce useless re-communication, and providing the GN joins several CH. This method undergo extensive experimentation under diverse scenarios. The resultant values from simulation indicated the effective performance of the presented GICFS technique.