Role of Cooperatives in Reducing Farmers Suicides” – By taking TSS Sirsi


  • Ms. Meghana N
  • Ms. Sunayana N


Agriculture is the primary industry contributing towards the economic well-being of a nation. Farmers are backbone of the economy and its unfortunate that they are not able to meet the debt burden and committing suicides.This paper attempts to understand the efforts of the agricultural cooperative societies in reducing suicide rates. The researcher has chosen 3 agricultural cooperative societies operating in Maddur district and North canara district of Karnataka. The paper attempts a descriptive analysis of the structure of cooperatives, their working, kinds of loans, kinds of Profit distribution and operational freedom. The descriptive study has obtained data through structured interview with officials of Cooperatives and members, substantiated through financial statements of the cooperatives namely chikkaankanahalli, keragahaliis and TSS, Sirsi.

The cooperatives are ranked based on their performance and for this purpose. The Totagars agricultural cooperative society of north canara has displayed an outstanding performance and has helped in instilling confidence in the minds of the agriculturists. A special kind of Loan called Aasaami loan (Personal loan) helps farmers during the times of difficulties. The profit earned is generally distributed in kind i.e. basically with items that change the life style of the people. Because of the efforts of the society north canara district shows very few suicide rates. The Totagarssocieties operational structure and functioning can be illustrated as an example for other agricultural cooperative societies of the state. The detailed comparative analysis explains how an agricultural cooperative society can contribute for the overall economic and social development of rural areas.