The Problems Associated with Coffee Growing Sector in Kodagu District


  • Kunjamma M R
  • Ms. Sunayana N


In Karnataka Coorg is considered as a coffee hub where majority of agricultural activity is connected with Coffee. The geographic and climatic conditions of the region support the coffee plantations. On an average per annum Coorg contributes around 1,15,000 metric tons of coffee, largest in the state. Though blessed with maximum production, Coorg coffee production and selling lacks professionalism. The paper attempts to understand the various challenges faced by coffee growers in Coorg district. Along with natural reasons such as landslides and unpredictable rainfall, availability of labour, lack of financial assistance and also risk in marketing their produce, pose challenges to the coffee growers. The technique acquired to gather data is through structured questionnaire, private interview, both small and large growers are included in this study and interview with concerned board for secondary source of data. The tool used for the study is percentage analysis and correlation. The study found that producers are taking loan as they face financial problem and  the amount borrowed in form of loans are used  for the purpose of maintenance of estate and also to meet family expenses , and the paper also focuses that with the help of coffee board they can choose best way to market their crop and also to take initiation to start up small entrepreneurship and sell their produce directly to customers which would help them to live sustainable life and it also helps in developing economic growth of the district.