Vitality of Workplace Spirituality for Organizations


  • Baskar B
  • Dr. Indradevi R


The paper reports a compressive review on workplace spirituality and its dimensions and essence needs for organization and also reported the benefits and its impacts of spirituality in organization. The methodology as followed by published article in selected peer-reviewed international journals collected by using database Scopus, SCI, PubMed and PSYINFO. The paper reports an evaluated 60 key article reported in the domain of workplace spirituality and dimensions of spirituality. This multiple view of spirituality is a positive note for organizations, when managers attempt to understand differing spiritual views and also encourage all views within an organization. In this review paper, the authors shall summarize the different perspectives and dimensions of workplace spirituality, along with the significance and benefit of workplace spiritualty in organizations. The author argues that spirituality has to be incorporated in organisation to enhance their performance and Personal satisfaction.