A Research on Fatigue Factors affecting the Indian Mariners working on Merchant Ships


  • G. Balasubramani
  • Dr. J. Rengamani


The study pertains to the factors related to fatigue of the mariners who work on board the ships.  The stress related to the job done by the seafarers who have taken up the job on the ships, face various problems related to sailing. One of the most important problems faced by the sailors is based on the health problems together with other problems such as psychological problems, organizational oriented problems and social problems. Moreover there is a unique problem faced by the mariners which is considered to be slightly rare in other industrial sectors, that is, the nationality of the mariners. The employees who work on the ship would be based on various nationalities and this issue would put the sailors in great stress. Apart from that there are a lot of sources through which the mariners will get fatigued. The research study has considered the Indian mariners for identifying the factors of fatigue viz., the environmental hardships of mariners, long working hours, irregular sleep patterns or broken rest of mariners, changes in the maritime industry, dual work or home interface of mariners, and improper exercise & nutrition.