Rotor Fault Analysis in Doubly Fed Induction Generator Using Wavelet Analyser


  • P. Vinoth Kumar
  • P. Ranjith Krishna
  • Thummala Ravikumar


The analysis of a transient existence in a DFIG connected wind turbine with suitable methodologies paves an appropriate solution for electrical and mechanical fault analysis. This paper analysis the signal faults that occur in Doubly Fed Induction generator (DFIG) that facilitates condition monitoring and rectifies the problems, generates more power with less cost. Because of the alternating nature of wind speed, its addition to the grid is quiet challenging due to power quality and stability. For the large penetration of wind energy that is obtained from the DFIG, the wavelet analyser entrenched to the wind power system, offers profound perception to the transient signals. The work is first simulated and the results are represented onto the wavelet analyser for accurate exposure, detection and better resolution of the characters of rotor current signal. Analysing rotor current signal from simulation with the wavelet analyser available in the MATLAB, it is examined that the occurrence of lower frequency bandwidth signals accompanies comparatively more energy and larger magnitude wavelet coefficients. These wavelet coefficients are responsible for the stability and quality of the signals. The investigated technique is a combination of the Continuous Wavelet technique with the electric signals obtained from the DFIG that helps in deep analysis and deformation of the fault signal into the original signal.