9SAFE – Secure Authentication in Federated Environment using CEG Key Code


  • B. Murugeshwari
  • K. Sudharson
  • S. P. Panimalar
  • M. Shanmugapriya
  • M. Abinaya


Cloud computing is an efficient way to power the IT industry, however security is a major concern while storing data to the Cloud. Cloud data are always a threat for accuracy in cloud. While the cloud-related infrastructures are far more powerful and robust than personal computers, they still face the wide array of internal and external data integrity challenges. In this paper we propose, a secure cloud authentication system using Client End Generated (CEG) key code. Through this scheme, the data owner uploads the data in the cloud (implemented with Google Drive) and they are allowed to modify the data using the private key. To provide security to the cloud computing environment, RSA based Technique is used to generate key code using Mother board number of system, the Disk number of the system and the user password for authentication process based on a novel Encrypted User End Generated (EUEG) security algorithm which reduces the role of the third party and enhances the security check with automatic logging of malicious attempts and behaviour when the auditing is done by a Third Party Auditor(TPA).