A Proposed Structured Of Solar Panel with Logical/Computer Network for Jirehnet Software Company


  • Janice Pola D. Congzon
  • Ali A. Naim
  • Rommel L. Dorin


Solar Energy is a transformation of energy through sunlight to become a source of electricity. In this case, the structure of the solar panel will help a company to lesser the bills in their electricity. Logical and cabling of a computer network is very crucial to a company because it can easily detect and protect the network of the company. These are the two important matters in the project.

The Scope of the project is (1) to promote the solar panel as the source of electricity (2) to have a modern way of having a computer network cabling (3) and to use of servers as an internet connection in the company. The Value of Solar Methodology signifies a possibility for the condition and functionality of the project to assess the benefits of distributed energy investments and to provide a modern way of having a computer network cabling. This study is based on solar energy simulators and computer network simulator evaluating both structures utilizing effectiveness and efficiency. This study also suggests future researchers as an alternative way to produce electricity and computer network provision.