Bolstered Method for the Remedy of Brain Tumor by the Usage of Uncertain Technique


  • Mounika. P
  • Preethi. K
  • Abinaya. D
  • Suganthi. G


The brain tumor is an extremely perilous illness because of the unpredictable structure of the brain. The grouping and discovery of tumor in various restorative pictures requires high precision since it manages human life. The brain tumor happens because of the anomalous tissues inside the brain. Distinguishing  the right sort if brain tumor is pivotal errand for finding and to cure the brain tumors. Recognizing the right kind of brain tumor can give a quick approach to design the analysis of tumors. The Biomedical picture and acknowledgment methods have been generally connected in different maladies to foresee the outcome in progressively at exact point. Numerous ideas of uncertain methods is utilized in MRI images to recognize the brain tumors. In this paper we use fuzzy decision making methods to settle on a superior choice about the treatment that is utilized to cure brain tumor. We also give the best decision by our questionable techniques.