Relationship Intensity of Transformational Leadership towards Tutoring Efficiency among Emotionally Intelligent Teaching Professionals Working In Self-Financing Institutions


  • Lakshmipriya Soundararajan
  • P. Rajan


Teaching professionals with robust emotional bondage in academic arena entails emotional intelligence (EI) skills to perk physical and mental wellbeing. Emotional proficiency can be enhanced by acquiring knowledge to manage and apply emotional reactivity. Transformational leadership (TL) recognized in various altitude build productive teaching professionals progressively imperative to inspire collective environment. In recent trends, emotional intelligence in academician extends with relationships among emotional intelligence and transformational leadership is significantly challenging. The current research intended to examine inter-relationship between ability of teaching professionals and their levels of emotional intelligence. The study also exhibits its impact on transformational leadership towards teacher and learner interaction in self-financing institutions. The results provided support for an approach which suggested the teaching professional’s levels of emotional intelligence. The  components / variables like competency of teaching professional’s includes educational qualification, occupation status, academic excellence, involvement in consultancy works, emotional outcomes and blends, skills management and application learning skills have positive inter-relationship with transformational leadership in enhancing mentoring efficiency and  effectiveness in self-financing institutions.