Singkonet: Vending Machine for Internet Library Services


  • Kelvin Kris C. Gonzales


Service automation is the process of integrating all domain and functionality tools into various automation layers in order to have unified interface for all workflows. It is then the primary aim of this study to develop a system automating the Internet Library services of San Mateo campus using the Agile Development Process that undergone to different phases; the Design, Build, Configure, Test and Release. Through this process, the development follows a continuous improvement of system life cycle which achieved the value faster as releases arrived at the customer. Through this, a “SingkoNet” was developed to automate the internet services of the library. As a result, “SingkoNet” generates transaction, monthly, quarterly and annual reports faster. It also provides accurate reports and even retrieve information for those students who failed to sign in the logbook, failed to pay the corresponding fee and most of all, it makes the work of the librarian easier, faster and economical because hiring a staff to man the Internet section will be minimized.