Determination of Densities of Some R4NI Salt Solution in Isopropyl Alcohol-DMF Mixtures and Study the Nature of Ionic Interactions from Apparent Molar Volume Data at 313.15K


  • Indu Saxena
  • Rikkam Devi
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Jaya Tripathi


The densities and apparent molar volumes (?v) of the binary non-aqueous solvent mixtures containing tetra alkyl ammonium iodide (R4NI) salts have been determined at 313.15K to observe solvent-solute ionic interactions occurred between the constituents of the liquid mixtures. Utilized Masson’s equation and plotting graph ?v vs  explained the types of molecular interactions involved between solute-solvent molecules. Also, observed the effect of dielectric constant on the thermo-physical properties of solution and change in the slope values (Sv) from positive to negative nature. The changed in estimated volumetric properties of the liquid mixtures indicates the presence of weak as well as strong ion- ion interactions between the components of the mixtures. The penetration of solvent molecules within large void space of tetra alkyl ammonium chain length cation causes such type of molecular interactions occurred. Present investigation reflects specific types of molecular rearrangement that will lead to increase in electrostriction with the presence of ions in the solution mixture.